I hate change and I am not afraid to say such. I have spent my life changing and growing. I have focused on positive and grand goals which to get close to and possibly reach have demanded a continual and constant stretch to be better. To me changing for the better is not a goal to reach but a life always evolving toward being better. I may never be the best at anything but I can be better tomorrow than I was today. 
The real change I dislike is not the growing change but the relationship changes. I have been married soon to be 43 years. If Pat was to leave me tomorrow you might as well bury me the next day. My life is wrapped up with her. 
This week I lost a uncle who was most likely the most solid man I have ever known. Now I have served in a National Office as a member on Men’s Ministry and I say he may be the best example of a man. My uncle L.E. Shaneyfelt was a solid part of a community. He cared for people and family. He was faithfully married to his wife for 65 years. I am grieving his death and really hate the change.
My friends Murray and Martha Kelley retired from Dothan First Assembly today after 26 years of faithful service. I cannot tell you how much many of us are going to miss them at that post. They made a difference in the Church, the community, the mission field and to me. These folks have invested in many of us through the years and helped to make us better. The change for them is huge to us and to them.
What will not change is my love for my uncle or my love for the Kelleys. People are the only thing that matters in this world. If they leave this earth we will be separated by death but only for a season. If they leave a position then we will not be separated but connected in new and different ways which are held by the strings of friendship. Everything else may change but the friendships will not. 

Someone Help America 

We are in a very confusing time in our country. We like our personal privacy but easily throw it away at the demands of the government and corporations. Apple refuses to give access or assistance to breaking into a phone of a terrorist and most of us are angry at Apple. I agree with Apple and am thankful they are resisting a government infringement into our privacy. Is it not strange that we attack the idea of building walls around our borders but remove the walls of privacy around our lives? We seem to want to cure the problem of terrorism by terrorizing our citizens.  
I see each day as I fly the infringement of personal privacy through TSA in the airports. Pat downs, scanners and questions that really are not about our safety as much as it is about the mirage of our safety. Children and aged are treated with suspicion while those who are suspicious are ignored because we don’t want to profile anyone. 
Our country is off the tracks and we are working on the wrong projects. It seems every time we have a major issue media and leaders ask the wrong questions and never deal with the right issues. As long as we continue to divide and distract from the real issues there will be no real solutions. You cannot fix a problem by creating another problem that does not exist, to keep from offending or drawing attention to the mistakes at hand.
Will the real leaders wake up? Can some of our elite educators, politicians and leaders please come out of retirement or hibernation and help us? Are there any religious leaders with enough moral courage to stand up and speak to the issues? I am afraid that America has ceased to do great things and will one day cease to be great if something does not change!


Faith to continue Today

Living by faith can be very exciting or it can give you a nervous breakdown. Each day you have new challenges and obstacles to navigate. You never know if what you are facing or going through is something which gives you a breakthrough or a breakdown. You encounter people who you wonder if they will be the answer to your prayers or be new prayer issues. You must be true to your mission and your call as you journey in faith. Your success is not determined by how many wins you have but how much further you enlarge the kingdom. You are not called to the task you are in but the Christ who travels with you! You don’t have to please others but Him who mandated and commissioned you. Faith is now measured in accomplishments and accolades but in who you trust with or without them the awards!