When it looks like the world is winning it is only because it is winning. In most games in life you have rules. Those rules are great if the whole world plays by them but the powers of this world do not play by the rulebooks. Shift, change, lie, barter, be underhanded is the way to get what they want and to win the toys. Now if you want to be like them and operate like them you can learn to act like them. But what happens is then, you are them, you have become them.

Jesus said I send you out as sheep among wolves. You know what wolves do the sheep? Yea, they kill them and quickly. The wolves win every time. The only way the sheep lose though is when they try to act like wolves. You know what happens to sheep that act like wolves? Yea, they die just like sheep who act like sheep.

The only recourse for the sheep is to stay in the pasture and pray that the Shepherd has a watchful eye on the sheep. What is a sheep to do? Trust the shepherd and enjoy the pasture. Controlling the wolves is not the sheep’s responsibility. Fighting the wolves is not his responsibility. All of that belongs to the shepherd. So what is a sheep to do? Organize, fight, protest,- no trust the shepherd!

Jesus said you are not of the world so the world is going to hate you. John 15.19

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