Equal Sacrifice to Missions can change the world if we have the Courage and the faith to practice

A lot of times we challenge people to not contribute equal giving but equal sacrifice. Most people are willing to contribute but comparatively their giving is not sacrificial but equal.

If a person who makes $20,000.00 a year gives the price of a cup of coffee at $2.15 per cup one time a day for a month they would give $65.21 to their mission project or missionary. Which means that person has given 3.94% of their gross income.

But if the person who makes $100,000.00 a year wants to give equal sacrifice and not equal giving, then he would need to give the eqilivent of five cups of coffee a day. To give the the same percentage of 3.94% he would need to contribute $326.05 a month.

Now here is my question why does it sound easier for the man who makes less money to give 3.94% of his income but the same percentage seems like too much when translated into dollars for the higher income individual?

The man who gives $65.21 has $1588.64 left to use.

But the man who makes $100,000.00 and gives $326.05 will have $7943.18  left to use. Which is $6354.55 more left than the man making $20,000.00 or five times what the other man has left.

Maybe we should pray for less so we would not feel so badly about giving more?

Maybe we should pray for the faith of people who have less so we could do more!

Give Something Back!

If you have been blessed and fortunate enough to live in this country you should be thankful. The best way to show your thankfulness is to pass the blessing on to others who have not been so fortunate. I cannot fathom the selfishness of those who never give back. You and I are debtors to more than ourselves and our circle of family and friends. There are millions upon millions of children and adults starving, without clean water, without a bed that is sheltered by a roof or a loving friend. We lend to the Lord when we give to the poor. I don’t want to hear excuses of taxes, bills and obligations you and I may have. Not when we pay for cable, drink expense drinks, take outlandish vacations, drive cars and have a job. Every person who has been blessed owes to the Lord to bless the poor. Some portion of our finances should regularly be given to help others. There is nothing wrong with our blessings! Enjoy them and have fun! But do something really important and share in others sufferings. None of us can do everything for the poor but all of us can do something!

The Wannabe Phenomenon

The Wannabe Phenomenon

Renowned author, educator, and cultural commentator Dr. William Bennett recently made anamazing observation of the “wannabe” phenomenon. He had somehow gleaned the fact that,on any given week-end in the bars and nightclubs across America, several thousand young men would claim to be navy SEALs. Since there are only about 2500 SEALs total one can only conclude…there must be a lot of SEAL wannabes.

Recently there have been numerous stories in the news of men who would assemble military uniforms of a combat unit in order to assume an identity in public, an identity that was patently false. The new leader of the Veteran’s Administration was recently caught in a lie claiming that he had served in Special Forces. Although he had completed Ranger School and had served in the 82nd Airborne, he had never served in a Ranger Battalion or in Special Forces. A Green Beret A few years ago I was serving as a ministry leader in a local church and came to know a young man about 32 years old. He often wore a navy blue cap embroidered with “Navy SEAL Instructor” on the front. I used to work with SEALs in combat so it was not unusual that I was drawn to him with the idea of discipleship. His story was that, while serving as a navy SEAL, he was injured in a training accident and was then temporarily re-assigned as a SEAL instructor.

Though plausible, the more I thought about his story the more specific questions I began to ask like, “what was your BUDS Class Number?” etc. Then one day he asked to meet with the men’s ministry leader and me where he tearfully confessed and asked for forgiveness…he just wanted out from under the lie he had been living. This man had served in the navy, had a wonderful wife and two lovely children, and had started a thriving business. However, the lie was stealing, killing, and destroying all that was really life to him.

Why would any man want to be a “wannabe” when he can be a “can be”? I am reminded of several scriptures that speak to this reality…If any man be in Christ he is a new creation…do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind…you are God’s artistic masterpiece, created in Christ to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do…I can do all things thru Christ who gives me strength…for openers.

While we might occasionally day dream about some movie character like Maximus, or some historical figure like William Wallace, the reality is that our wives, our children, our friends, our neighbors, our churches…all are looking to men to be their “real life action hero” every day.

That is exactly what I told the young navy SEAL wannabe. He became and remains today a “can be”…an active Christ follower…the real life action hero that he was born to be. Truth

Barney Barnes, 3-15-15

I am not planning on checking out anything soon!

Racism is a horrible thing and one I wish was never part of this country’s history. Sadly, it is still happening in the world in large ways. But because I don’t yield to every ridiculous claim in our country when the race card is pulled does not make me a racist. Actually in some cases when someone pulls the race card I think the real racist is revealed.

When the feminist card is pulled I feel no obligation to yield to it. I have and believe that women should be treated better than men. I still believe they are unique and exquisite beings. But because one whines about wanting rights and privileges never earned does not earn them a pass. Actually if you don’t pull the same load as a male I don’t believe you should earn the same wage. If you do then I would fight for your wage based on your ability not your femininity. I am sorry but because I feel that way does not make me a male chauvinist but it might make you a prude for making the accusation!
Because I take a biblical view of marriage as that of a man and a woman does not mean I am a narrow minded bigot. Because I don’t believe I owe any obligation to people who choose a gay lifestyle does not mean that I value them less because of their choices. For others to choose what I deem morally challenging does not obligate me to be silent as to the values I want my children and friends to espouse. I will not be silent because of your screaming and that does not make me a bigot but it might make you a fool to keep screaming.
When I choose a more conservative approach to life and choices does not mean I think liberals should be treated as people who are second class. I believe liberals love their country and organizations. I believe that they feel they are doing the best thing for them. But I believe in many cases they are wrong and bringing change to our country and churches that is detrimental to the family and to Christian values. For me to believe such does not mean I am really old fashioned and out of touch with the culture. For you to accuse me of such may prove that you are out of touch with truth and reality and what really matters in life.
I wish people could quit shouting at one another and find ways to live together with their own values and choices. If anybody thinks it is ever going to be possible that all of us will believe the same thing then you are in a fog. But I refuse to be afraid to speak up because others are loud, abusive and deceptive. This country was forged by people who wanted the best for their children and country. They contended, fought and sacrifice for that end. I choose to believe that our forefathers dreams and desires are still embedded in our Nation. I believe that together with our diversity and with our uniqueness we can continue as the greatest nation on the face of the earth.