Real Men

I am convinced that there are a lot of males that could be men if they could remove the things around them that keep them acting like a child.

So if you are selfish, mean, crude, loud, dishonest, need waited on, a liar, mistreat your wife, hide when trouble comes, lazy, weak, undependable, cowardly, squirrelly, scared to speak up, don’t show up, don’t step up, discourteous, inconsiderate, unfaithful, have nothing you believe in, cause despair, and lack dreams and vision then you are not a man but a male who has not ever had a man in your life to lead you. Grow up and be a man! Be the man your sons can go emulate and model and your daughters respect and look for in a future husband.

Real men are unselfish. 

Real men are kind.

Real men are tender.

Real men are quiet.

Real men are servants.

Real men are honest.

Real men keep their word.

Real men care for their wives

Real men protect their families

Real men provide for their families.

Real men are strong.

Real men are dependable.

Real men are courageous.

Real men are valiant.

Real men speak up.

Real men are noble.

Real men are chivalrous.

Real men are galant.

Real men  are steel wrapped in velvet.

Real men are courteous.

Real men are considerate.

Real men are faithful.

Real men have faith.

Real men are hopeful.

Real men dream and have vision.

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