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What leaders say…

“It gives me great joy to recommend the ministry of David Raley. He is a dedicated servant of the Lord with a passion for missions, thus reaching the lost whether it be here in the U.S. or overseas. He will bless our pastors and congregations.”

Thomas Trask
former General Superintendent
of the Assemblies of God

“It is a special pleasure to speak a word for my good and long time friend, David Raley. I have known David since the beginning of his ministry. I have observed with great joy the outstanding achievements that have accompanied his life and ministry. He served as Pastor and Church Planter in Alabama with great distinction. At a District Council he was chosen to serve as Youth Ministries Director for the Alabama District. During those years he conducted very successful youth camps, conventions and many other youth activities. During his years as Youth Director he raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Speed-the-Light. Because of his leadership skills and abilities he was asked to serve in the National Office of the General Council. Because of his deep commitment to his calling God has used him with great effectiveness. May God continue to use him to bless the church.”

Vaudie Lambert
former Alabama District Superintendent

“David Raley has distinguished himself over the years in many areas of ministry. He has been a successful senior pastor, a district leader serving several years as Alabama District Youth Director, and a national leader with Speed The Light and Convoy of Hope. As such, he brings a wealth of experience to the pulpit and is on the cutting edge of what is happening in missions around the world; especially through the Assemblies of God. Bro. Raley is a powerful and passionate communicator who is easy to work with and a preacher’s friend. I have known him for many years and consider him not only a personal friend but a man of great character and integrity. He is versatile and adaptable to a wide variety of ministry opportunites, not the least of which would be missions services or conventions. He would be an asset to your ministry and someone you would want to invite again. I would heartily endorse him and recommend him to you.”

Gregory D. Kelley
Lead Pastor
First Assembly of God
Montgomery, Alabama

“It is my happy privilege to recommend without any reservations the ministry of my good friend, David L. Raley. I have seen exemplified a passion for the lost and great commitment to the Cause of Jesus Christ in his life. He truly is one of the outstanding servants of the Lord in this age. We pray for him and believe God for great things as he serves the Master.”

L. John Bueno
Executive Director
Assemblies of God World Missions

“David Raley is an articulate communicator who speaks with passion, knowledge and anointing about God’s heartbeat–winning the lost. He has inspired thousands to “get off the side line” and “get in the game” of missions involvement. David has first hand knowledge about meeting human need and will challenge all who hear him. He is a friend and I highly recommend him.”

Alton Garrison
Assistant General Superintendent
of the Assemblies of God

“Passion! That’s one word to describe David Raley. Wherever he goes, whatever he does, he brings passion to the message of the lost and needy people of the world. Regardless of the age, whether the youngest youth or the oldest senior, Raley has the ability to capture people’s attention, and communicate a moving vision. If you are looking for someone to challenge your people “go where they have never gone before,” then David Raley is for you.”

David Boyd
National BGMC Director
of the Assemblies of God

“We Pastors are always looking for someone to ignite our people into becoming involved with missions. I know of no one who does a better job at this than David Raley. He has a heart for missions that your people will see and his passion will motivate them to give. I know that he is a man who loves God and he will be a genuine blessing to your people.”

Murray D. Kelley
Senior Pastor
First Assembly of God, Dothan, Alabama

“It is my happy privilege to recommend the person and ministry of David Raley to you. Without question, he has distinguished himself as an effective minister; counselor; and above all, a true Christian gentleman. You will benefit greatly from his expertise and godly wisdom. I have known him for many years and have always been impressed by his absolute honesty.”

Charles T. Crabtree
Former Assistant General Superintendent
of the Assemblies of God

“David I just wanted to thank you for the great job you did during our Missions Convention. I would highly recommend you to others to speak at conventions, services, etc. Your speaking changed destinies.”

Randy Valimont
Senior Pastor
Griffin First Assembly of God

“David Raley inspires people to become all they can be in God. He is an anointed communicator and an exceptional leader. More importantly, David has a heart for people and world missions that will motivate your church to reach for the infinite possibilities in Jesus. He has personally blessed me and our church. I highly recommend him as a friend, brother, and minister.”

David Strahan
Senior Pastor
Live Church, Rainbow City, Alabama

“You and your congregation will be immediately drawn to David. As a communicator, he exudes passion and knowledge of what God is doing around the world. Yes there are needs, but David has a unique way of seeing the need and helping us find the victory through it. I have had the awesome privilege to have David challenge our people through church and Speed-The-Light ministry. His biblical missiology, connected with incredible stories, always encourages and brings us to a point of wanting to be a part of what God is doing. It is my sincere honor to recommend to you my friend, David Raley. His ministry is sure to be impacting!”

Doug Sayer
District Youth Director Pen-Del

David I want you to know that when you preached at Men’s retreat in our state this year that my son Jeremy went to the alter and was delievered from Meth, a habit he has had for over 10 years. Not only was he delievered he has become an active member of the church and is a Youth Camp this week as a counsler. Thanks for letting God use you.

J Gerrard

As a Light for the Lost Director, my job is to get churches and their people to give to missions. Thus, I am always looking for challenging speakers who know how motivate believers to SEE the need, SENSE God’s call, and SACRIFICE of themselves. David Raley does exactly that in an awesome, anointed way when he speaks … and he inspires people to give. David has spoken at seven events for me, and each time he brings a fresh sparkle in his eye and a youthful eagerness to share God’s truth. If you have him preach for you, expect a perfect mix of humor, conviction, and depth. I highly recommend my friend David Raley!

John W. Bechtel
NJ Light for the Lost Director

“David is sincere, creative and professional. His encouraging spirit knows how to determine the unique qualities of a ministry. David is able to match clients with the right potential donors and present accurately targeted requests.”

Paul Weingartner
Director AG Center for the Blind

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