Missions realities 

We had a family in Kentucky a few years ago who one day a week would eat rice for their dinner and give the equivalent cost of a meal for five to missions. Doing that helped them to give an additional $15.00 to $30.00 a week to missions. So at $30.00 a week they would be able to give $1560.00 a year to missions. Not a lot you might say. But if the three million AG people who attend our churches did that it would explode our missions receipts from $200,000,000.00 to $936,000,000.00. That would be dividing our 3,000,000,000 people in families of five or 600,000 giving units. That would be a 436 percent increase.
I bought a coffee today for $2.65 which I do two or three times a day. If each of the three million attendees of AG churches gave the equivalent of a cup of coffee a day to missions we would explode missions giving and impact on the world. That would be a mere $7,950,000.00 by giving the cup of coffee a day. That would be a four hundred percent increase of what we do as a Fellowship.
The truth is a few give sacrificially to reach the Unreached with the Gospel. The facts are that the average attendee in our Fellowship gives nineteen cents (.19) a day to world missions to help them reach the lost. If we had to save $.19 a day to get a cup of coffee it would take us two weeks to have $2.65 for that cup of Joe. We don’t miss the $2.65 and never really think about the price. I wish we felt the same about the Unreached of our world and would be intentional in our giving that it became as unintentional and natural to give it as to ignore it. 

Leaving On My Mind

Every time I leave for a road trip I have this Feeling of anticipation and dread. I always enjoy the adventures of the road, new people and new experiences. But I always dread leaving the family behind. Have I secured the home so that they are safe? Have I prepared everything so they do not have to work too hard? Have I prepared them for my absence?
Truth is every man one day is going to leave this earth. When you leave be sure you have lived your life so that your presence secures your absence. Be sure that your achievements were worth the effort. Be sure that your pursuits were significant enough to be relished and not regretted. Be sure your life will be missed and not misunderstood. Be sure your family go forward because you were not thinking in reverse. Be sure the financial load you leave is not liabilities but assets.
I don’t have to leave for my next journey. I have a choice to leave or stay. On the last journey of life I have no choice. The only choice that I have is am I ready for the next place and have I prepared my family for my absence?