Information About David

David Raley is a founding partner of the “Ministry Advancement Group of Greene & Raley.”

David has served in various capacities in the church. His ministry has spanned many avenues. He has served as an evangelist, church planter, pastor, Alabama District Youth Director, and in a number of National Office positions for the church. He has served the movement in a number of local, state and national boards and committees.

David is passionate about serving the local church and the missionaries that are carrying the gospel around the world. He has traveled to over 28 countries preaching the gospel. His desire, to help resource missionaries with the tools necessary to successfully reach the lost, drives him to travel America and present their needs. He currently travels around the country preaching the gospel and raising the¬†banner of missions in churches, mission’s conventions, leadership conferences, as well as district and national events.

He and his wife, Pat, currently live in Springfield, MO. They have one son, Jon, who is actively involved in ministry.

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