Just Thinking

What are you thinking on today? Maybe what you would like to get or give for Christmas? Maybe about how to advance by getting a promotion or another degree. Sometimes I tend to think too much about me and very little about others. 
Tonight I am thinking about the person who has been hurt by his friends and does not know how to move forward with them. I am hoping he is bigger than the problem and moves forward. 

I am thinking about the person who made a tragic mistake many years ago. He has come to Christ and serves the church but ignored and left out because people remember. I hope he moves forward and let’s his past be his past and his future be God’s. Failure should never be fatal!
Tonight I am thinking about friends who are unemployed, have left a church, asked to leave a church! I am hoping for a call for them from a prospective new challenge. I pray they leave ills and devices of others behind and find dreams of greater things.
Tonight I am thinking of those who are fighting disease and sickness that persist to wreck and destroy their health. I pray that they are healed and made whole. If not healed I pray thy they find the strength to adapt and maneuver forward in life. May the challenges they face be conquered by the courage they possess.
I am thinking of those who are left with the loneliness and heartache of the death of a loved one. I pray that Somehow they can fill the void with the life those who have left would desire them to live. Life will never be the same and neither will they. May this change be a new phase of God in their life.
Maybe life would be more bearable if we would carry some of the load for others. Maybe a kind word, a few dollars or a door opened. If you can help someone get back up and move forward you will have made a difference not only in their lives but yours.