Walking with God or going aloneo

Enoch Walked with God

Genesis 5:24 Enoch walked with God, and he was not, for God took him.

Not much is known about Enoch other than he walked with God and that God took him. This statement is one that I can hardly get my mind around. Enoch walked in relationship with God that God found him so delightful that He took him home with him.

He is one of two people in the world that did not have to die to be with the Lord. Elijah was taken in a whirlwind.

To walk this close to the Lord he was dead to everything else. Enoch did not leave behind great riches, an incredible business or great accomplishments. All Enoch was known for was his relationship with God. Evidently he was so involved with his relationship with the Lord that he had no relationships that compared on earth.

On the other side of this thought, could it be that we are so other minded that we have been taken. We can be so success driven that we are not because our careers have taken us. Maybe we are so worldly driven that pleasures and things have taken us. Maybe we are so materially driven that possessions have taken us. Where are we when the Lord is looking for us? Oh, David is not here he is pursuing a degree, a career, a new car or another promotion. May I ask who is calling? Just a friend of Enoch looking for another friend to take a walk.

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