Leaving On My Mind

Every time I leave for a road trip I have this Feeling of anticipation and dread. I always enjoy the adventures of the road, new people and new experiences. But I always dread leaving the family behind. Have I secured the home so that they are safe? Have I prepared everything so they do not have to work too hard? Have I prepared them for my absence?
Truth is every man one day is going to leave this earth. When you leave be sure you have lived your life so that your presence secures your absence. Be sure that your achievements were worth the effort. Be sure that your pursuits were significant enough to be relished and not regretted. Be sure your life will be missed and not misunderstood. Be sure your family go forward because you were not thinking in reverse. Be sure the financial load you leave is not liabilities but assets.
I don’t have to leave for my next journey. I have a choice to leave or stay. On the last journey of life I have no choice. The only choice that I have is am I ready for the next place and have I prepared my family for my absence?

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