Transition as we just saw with our presidents is an example to all of us. In every way the two men were in disagreement over policy and strategy for our country. What they did agree on was the constitution and our country. They put this in the forefront of their actions. It is admirable and a example for us all.
In our organizations and churches there is a lot to be said about longevity in office. But more to be said about those who will know when to transition. Congregations and organizations should respect and honor their leaders and pastors. But is incumbent on all of us to know when it is time to step aside and let the next generation lead. In the church we leave that up to the leader and should never try to destroy or damage their leadership because we need change. We should pray for them that they will love their constituents, people and organizations enough to transition. Our responsibility is to serve and show honor and the leaders responsibility is to lead and know when they leave. It is always best for people to be sad at the transition rather than glad to see it.  


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