Thanksgiving Thoughts

Thanksgiving Thoughts
 I like all the posts about what people are thankful for at this season. One of the worst things a person can do is to receive the blessings of God without remembering the gift. But let me add a little different perspective. The blessings we are given are not for our pleasure and benefit only. If we are the end result of God’s blessings we fail to understand the heart of God in His gifts. He gives to us so that we can replicate in the lives of others His care and love. He gives to us more to give through us than to us. If your blessings are consumed on you and your family alone you really don’t get it and may cause detrimental damage to your future blessings.
It is somewhat like the farmer who receives his harvest after his planting. If he makes the harvest and does not save seed for the future then his harvest will become his consumption and also his bankruptcy. God never runs out of seed but He will not invest in you if you see yourself as consumer and not distributer.
The enemy uses your blessing to be your curse if you are selfish and materialistic. The enemy wants you to be a consumer because that keeps God’s blessings from others who will not have reason to give praise to God for His blessings. They will not know that God blessed them because you consumed what was meant for them on yourself.

So how can you remember and distribute the blessings of God without becoming a consumer only. 
1. Acknowledge that your blessings do come from God with testimony.

2. Look at the blessing He puts in your hand and ask if it is for your need or someone else need. Is God helping me or is He wanting me to help someone else?

3. Is my blessing my spouse and have I looked around at someone who has lost a spouse and need to encourage them in their sorrow?

4. Is the blessing my children and I need to focus on helping someone else who’s children are in trouble?

5. Is the blessing my job, my home, my clothes, my friends, my vehicles, my whatever and do I need to help anybody in my circle who is in lack?

6. Who can I call or send a note to so that they do not feel alone or lost in a season of loss and pain?

7. Who is it that was very public at one time but now they are private and may need a call for you to restate how much they meant to you in your life?

8. Who is it that needs a kind word when everything looks like they are deserving of ill treatment?

9. Who is it that needs forgiveness that you are withholding because they failed you? You and I do not have the right to withhold forgiveness. 

10. Can I do any and all of this without becoming prideful of my kindness because I realize it is God though me blessing others and not me blessing them? In others words can I bless others without feeling like I am God?

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