Principles that lead to blessings

I firmly believe that there are certain things a church must do to have the blessings of God. Blessings come in many ways; spiritual, numerical, financial and relational. 
First the Church must have a mission that is centered on the values of the Bible. The Bible is our constitution and frames for us what we are to be and be about.
Second the church must be committed to caring for its pastors. The church that thinks the man of God can produce the ministries that successfully grow a church while starving him to death is not logical. It is a law of reciprocation. Too many pastors are being left to fend for their families while the church stores up its wealth. 
Third the Church must be committed to local evangelism. God put His church in the community to be the place the Lost find Jesus. Too many times the lost don’t even know the Church is there because it is hid inside the walls having fellowship meals.
Fourth the Church must be a giving church. Stingy churches never grow or impact their world. Churches that look for ways to do more are much more effective than the ones who seek to keep more.
Fifth the Church must be committed to honor those entities which have oversight of them. If the church is committed to a brand it should represent that brand according to its standards. I am Assemblies of God and feel that I owe ethically to represent the organizations standards. The leaders of these organizations cannot help the church be all it can be and protect it from things that hurt it without the yielding to authority of the organization. 
Sixth the church has to be committed to world evangelism. The missions efforts of the church is the true gauge of the churches health. Don’t measure effectiveness by seating capacity but sending capacity. A church that does not invest itself in world evangelism fails the main reason we exist. The goal of the Church is Discipleship and evangelism. We are to reach the lost and then train the disciple to reach the lost. This is the cycle of life in the church. Both are important to the life of the Church!
I am concerned with the lack in churches today. Do the right things and the right things will happen. Healthy pastors create healthy churches. Healthy churches are happy churches. I urge churches to review their care for their pastors. I also urge pastors to review their churches commitment to local and world evangelism.
David Raley


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