Time of Arrival

When you are young you spend too much time wondering about your life. You wonder what you are suppose to do, where you are suppose to go, who you are suppose to do it with and who you are suppose to be. Someone said there are two incredible moments in every mans life. The moment he is born and the moment he realizes why he was born.
 It is a special moment when you realize what you are doing is what you are suppose to do. That moment you realize you have arrived at where you were suppose to go and got there without a map. That moment you realize that the people around you are those who you enjoy most and they are the ones you are suppose to do life with. But the best and maybe the most important thing is when you realize who you have become and know it was who God meant for you to be. 
All the heros, zeros, honest men and crooked men were not you but each of them taught you something and somehow out of the forest of life you have emerged as the man God wanted and you helped forge it . We are made up by the decisions, choices and opportunities we engaged along the way. My hopes are that along the way I was able to be to others what others have been to me