Amazing People

Amazing People
I used to be amazed at some of the things that people do. As I have aged I have long accepted that if you don’t expect much you will not be disappointed. I guess it was the result of being disappointed as a child that I have come to live my life as if I was the only one responsible for my results. Of course once I met Christ I found a partnership where you could trust the other. I know He does not exist to please me and meet my expectations but I do Him. But when it comes to people I expect small and love to be surprised. What have I learned about people?
1. People want to be your friend when you can benefit them but when the benefits are gone so are the people.

2. People who were present in your life when you held positions will be the the same ones who are absent when you did not.

3. If you are sick and may die the time you need a friend will be the time that only the real friends are present. You will not need a big room!

4. People who want the most when they have the least are the same ones who when they have much will contribute the least.

5. Those who wear the bracelet WWJD are the ones when the opportunity is there only do what they want to do.

6. Those who encourage you to make moves of faith are the same people back in the boat who watch and jeer from a distance.

7. People who have needed the most kindness seem to be the most harsh to others.

8. People who you worked hard to see the best in will be the same people who will to show the worst of you.

9. People who talk the loudest seem to be the quietest when the opportunity is available to make a difference.

10. People who slap your back in public will stab you in private.

So how are we to live and act with people? Do we have reason to give it back to others as they have given to us? No!!!!! Do unto others as you would like for them to do to you! You are not really do it to them and for them as you are doing it for Christ and to Christ.
Be friendly and a friend, be present, be concerned, give freely and generously, do what Jesus would do, make steps and decisions of faith, see the best in people, be vocal when the issues matter and quiet when they don’t and never betray others even when they deserve it!
Be a Man of God for God and not for others but for yourself!

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