Missions Conventions

Every Church can do something for Missions and it should start with anAnnual Missions Convention! What funds that are raised in the Convention can relieve the General Fund of the expenditures of missions projects and Missionaries. Of course I would allow the children to raise their BGMC, the youth their Speed the Light and the men their LIght for the Lost and the women their projects. I would budget from the Missions Convention the expenses of the conventions, monthly missions support and any other special project the Lord had laid on my heart. 
The church I was with this weekend did a few of these things if not all. They had raised last year $1500.00 in faith promises and this year nearly $2500.00 in Faith promises. It was a really large Church. I think I saw thirty four in the missions banquet and maybe a few more in The Sunday morning Faith Promise service.
1. This pastor met with his key missions givers about a month earlier to have them pray about the faith promises. He asked them to meet with him about two weeks out to discuss what they thought the faith promises should be at the Missions Convention. 

2. He planned the Missions Convention about a year out.

3. He talked about the Missions Convention for several months and what he was believing God to do through the church.

4. He made it a week long event with some really good speakers people who could give a full overview of the world and passionately communicate the need for everybody to be a part of sending the Gospel everywhere!

5. He focused on the world the week of the convention. He had problems around the church with equipment, sickness and other essential things. But this week was not about the churches challenges it was about the worlds challenges.

6. He expressed to the church his confidence that they could do anything other churches could do. Small did not equate to non-involvement and excuses about the Great Commission. 

7. He planned a great Missions banquet.

8. He decorated the building with posters and whatever else he could find.

9. He made sure the missions board was up to date.

10. He praised his people when the faith promises were received and lead them to praise the Lord and to pray for the world. He gave them history of where they had been and now where they were going.

If half of our churches in the Assemblies of God would plan, promote and participate in a Missions Convention the need to finance missions would be met. You cannot say you have a heart for missions without putting in place a strategy to lead your church to see, participate and get excited about something larger than where they are. When a church focuses on the Great Commission then God focuses on the needs of the local Church. When we start taking out of our buckets and placing in Gods buckets then God will fill out buckets. If you are waiting on your bucket to be full before you fill God’s then you will always be working to accomplish something that will never happen. If you act small, live small, believe small then you will produce small. But if you act in faith, live in faith and believe in faith then you will produce large things through faith. If you as a leader cannot move forward in faith then don’t expect the people who follow you to move beyond you! Your movement will produce momentum and will produce those God Moments of miracles.