Social Media Thoughts

Some thoughts on social media
1. Don’t attack people who are different to you, think different and have different values than you.
2. Don’t bully others. Social media is anti-social in that you are alone with a computer. It is easy to not realize that those on the other side do have real feelings.
3. Don’t be a coward by using social media to get back at someone who has offended you. If you cannot muster the courage to personally talk to someone about a issue then leave it alone.
4. Don’t brag about you and and your accomplishments. Do affirm and bless others with generous praise. 
5. Leave your church alone if you disagree with direction the leadership is taking. It is not only tacky for you to air your feelings but it is a poor witness to the lost. Also there are young Christians who will become confused by your actions.
6. Leave your family problems off the page. It makes people feel badly to hear family attacks by others.
7. Pictures are wonderful! But people do not want to see your inappropriate pictures.
8. Post interesting places, thoughts and feelings. Connect with friends to celebrate or to send concerns of life events.
9. Don’t connect with everybody. Old flames can become new flames and can lead to dangerous opportunities and failures. There is a reason it is a old flame!
10. Remember we will remember! Everything posted even when deleted has a way of coming back. Employers and future employers are looking today at posts. It would be best that when they look through your posts to see uplifting and kind posts rather than those you would rather not be on a resume.