Transition Well

Steve Spurrier, “When something is inevitable, I believe you do it right then…” 
Coach Spurrier is teaching us a lesson in leadership that knows how to transition. Why is it important to transition well?
1. Teams cannot recruit for the future when the leadership Is giving unclear and unsure challenges for the future.
2. The present players will lose momentum as they lose the games. Momentum determines the ability to win or lose. When you have it, you can do no wrong! When you don’t have it, you can do nothing right!
3. The coaches all start wondering about their families rather than their team. No one wants to sacrifice their families livelihood for a team without a future.
4. The leaders resistance to transition speaks loudly that it is more about him than them. When organizations are run for the benefit of the leader rather than the organization the mission has got lost.
5. Legacy is lost when when Job security is of more importance than team health!
The same is true in ministry. We must all transition many times in our ministry life span. Sometimes it is us transitioning personally, becoming larger than we were. Our growth can have a great effect on the organization. At other times the organizations needs our greater than our capacity to effectively manage. There is no shame in that being the case. The shame comes when we become the lid to the organizations future by refusing to transition out. I believe that God gives us all a stage to stand and minister from. There is a time for the lights to shine on you! But there is also a time to move off the stage and let the lights shine on a new leader! Standing in the shadows and watching other stand on the stage and shining can be very gratifying. Especially when you have moved yourself there to make room for the future by your unselfish actions! Transition is inevitable. But doing it well or badly depends on our ability to be honest about our on realities!