Pastors Appreciation Day

Pastors Appreciation Day
Pastors Appreciation Day is The second Sunday in October this year. So on the Twelfth of this month churches will get the opportunity to show some love and appreciation to the pastor and his family. It does not matter the financial status of the church you cannot afford to not be kind and loving on this day. So what may be some bad reasons to celebrate this great day?
1. You don’t want the other churches in the community to appear that they are more caring than your congregation.

2. You don’t want the congregation to know how cheap you are so doing something would make you appear caring.

3. It gives you a chance to stand in front of the congregation. Status is a good thing!

4. You really have a good pastor and you want him to be happy so he will not consider other calls.

5. You want other pastors in your Denomination to hear how generous your board is so you can turn their head if there is a vacancy.

6. You like for the pastor to know who has the purse strings.

7. The people who really love and care for the pastor have a vote when it is time to elect Deacons.

8. It will give you a reason not to consider him a cost of living raise.

9. If you have a program to honor the pastor it will take time away from the preaching.

10. You really don’t want to feel like a poor leader for not giving leadership to a opportunity to love and appreciate the man of God and his family.

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