leadership and Teams

Leadership which ignore council from those closes to them in leadership are incompetent, foolish and arrogant.
All of us need advice and council and especially from those closes to us. Our competency is best sharpened and strengthened by allowing those close to us to have access to our vision, strategy and tactics.
Leadership that looks brilliant is never leadership that ignores those close to them. The most foolish leaders I know have teams who are not trusted as advisors. Yes you will go fast alone but you will not go far! Yes you will stand out alone but only as a moving target! Yes you will be admired for great decisions but ashamed by the stupid ones! 
Last leaders which ignore those around them are arrogant! Who are you to think you have all the answers? Why would you think because of your degrees, positions, accolades, power or friends that you were so brilliant? Your arrogance and pride will destroy your leadership, length of service and legacy! Use your team to move forward but also to move you forward! Leaders do not drive and steer the organization! Leaders dream the dreams, shape the organization and win the games with teams who push the leader to the top and hold them there on their shoulders.