I am on the other side of this thing!

I am on the other side!

I have a very satisfying feeling in my life these days. I have finally crossed to the other side of some of the issues of life. It is funny how perspective changes when you see things from another vantage point! 
I am on the other side of youth and immaturity. Sorry but from this side you boys look really strange! I know you think you have thought of something new, something cool, something that is earth shattering but from this side you just are doing the same thing the rest of us did on that side when we were there. 
I am on the other side of need. Now I am not living in the land of plenty today. In fact money is still a commodity needed in my life. But I just don’t need as much as I once did. All those things I once thought I could not live without are found in the flee markets and garage sales around town. 
I am on the other side religion. To be honest with you I love the Lord more than I have ever loved him! But I am on the other side of flakes, flukes and failures! I no longer have time for the imposters, imitators and irresponsible! I have no need of power, position and the proud! I have no need to tolerate lack of leadership in leadership, lack of vision of those in high places and the self-serving ways of those who are called to serve. 
I have not got old just older! I have not got cold just forged! I have not got bitter just better! I have decided to move forward and leave the crowds and travel on to the other side of life! As one wise theologian said, “it is not my circus and not my monkey!”
Mark 8:13 Then he left them, got back into the boat and crossed to the other side.