Promotions, Opportunities and Wealth are coming your way!

I preach a lot about faith. The preaching I do about faith is not the type that has people bringing you their seed money or new cars and such. The message I believe is the type of faith message that gets you ran out of town.

To think that breaks, promotion, opportunities and wealth is coming your way because you are a Christian is faulty thinking. To think that you can receive blessings without being a blessing is as smart as thinking you can get a harvest from a field where you have planted no seeds! So you think that seed faith is a good principle? No, I don’t! I think when you do good to others then over time people will do good by you. I think that if you show up for work and do it often enough you will get promotions and raises. It is the investment of time, sweat and sacrifice that brings future blessings. I think a life well lived is a life well rewarded.
I am sorry if I offend you but blessings come from God and they have little to do with gold. Today a mother who finds bread to feed her children in a third world country has been blessed. A child who sleeps on the streets in the winter and finds a warm spot has been blessed. A man who is blind with cataracts and has a doctor come to his country and perform a free surgery is blessed.
There is nothing wrong with wealth but there is a lot wrong with the concepts that I am owed wealth because I have made Jesus my Lord! Christians around this globe are persecuted, impoverished, slain, robbed, raped, abused and treated less than animals. I have met pastors in countries whose monthly salaries are $15.00 a month. I have watched people cry when given a meal to eat. These people are God’s children and He loves them as much as He loves me. His blessing on my life is not measured by the change in my pocket but the change in my heart. I am not covered by His blessing because I have a roof that covers my family. I am thankful, overwhelmed and happy because of it but not blessed because of it! I am blessed because Jesus has given me eternal life. All those other things allow me to be a blessing to others! 
Bottom line, love God and love others. Use what God has given you to be a blessing to others. Work hard, expect great things, as you invest your life. If you want promotions then show up for work! If you want breaks then give others a break! If you want wealth spend less than you make! If you want opportunities then look for them don’t wait for them. If you want happiness quit looking for it in a bank account! 
Hebrews 11:6 But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.



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