Be a Miracle!

Definition of a miracle – “any amazing or wonderful occurrence.” Of course there is more to this word,”Miracle!” It can be something that is supernatural and that which only God can do. I wonder though how many miracles are left undone because we never realize that each of us has the power to release a miracle in someone’s life. We all have in us, around us or on us the miracle of someone’s need. To us that thing may be so insignificant that we are just kicking it around to get it out of our way. To us it is insignificant and small but to the person needing it, it is a miracle.

Maybe it is a idea, a good word, a kind word, an expression, a old car, a old computer, a book or maybe just a little money! What you have should not be stored up in the barns of your life but released in the field of other people. Look for those people which you can invest love and resources. You may never know or understand the miracle or the power of the seed in your possession. So do you do this to receive a great harvest? Please, quit being and living such a selfish existence! Let go of such thinking! Your life is a seed planter or a seed barn. Burn the barn if that is all it is about! A seed planter can never build enough barns to hold all thy God wants to get through them! The joy of being a miracle in the lives of others is a great reward for those who search for the miracle needed and the resources released!