leave the graveyard for the dead

Luke 24:5 Why do you look among the dead for the living?

I often wonder why people continue to harp on people who are living compromising lives. So many in the church in America have fallen away from a consecrated life to Christ. Sanctification and holiness are foreign terms to many today. So many who lead in the church are not qualified to do so because they have never really experienced or practice the moving of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Now my purpose is not to criticize them but we who continually castigate them. I mean what can you expect among the dead? They have no awareness, no knowledge, no vision, no ability to change- they are dead! So what are you expecting from them? Why do you continue to stand among them? Move out of the grave yards and on to the venues of the living! Leave the dead alone and let them rest in peace! Move on to the people who need your life and where you can make a difference. If you continue lingering at the graveyard you will become like those you are with. Your words of life will continue to fall on deaf ears but it will make you old and cranky. Our words should be words of life to those living so they can spread the Good News! Move on to the opportunities of the living and leave the graveyards for the dead!

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