Equal Sacrifice to Missions can change the world if we have the Courage and the faith to practice

A lot of times we challenge people to not contribute equal giving but equal sacrifice. Most people are willing to contribute but comparatively their giving is not sacrificial but equal.

If a person who makes $20,000.00 a year gives the price of a cup of coffee at $2.15 per cup one time a day for a month they would give $65.21 to their mission project or missionary. Which means that person has given 3.94% of their gross income.

But if the person who makes $100,000.00 a year wants to give equal sacrifice and not equal giving, then he would need to give the eqilivent of five cups of coffee a day. To give the the same percentage of 3.94% he would need to contribute $326.05 a month.

Now here is my question why does it sound easier for the man who makes less money to give 3.94% of his income but the same percentage seems like too much when translated into dollars for the higher income individual?

The man who gives $65.21 has $1588.64 left to use.

But the man who makes $100,000.00 and gives $326.05 will have $7943.18  left to use. Which is $6354.55 more left than the man making $20,000.00 or five times what the other man has left.

Maybe we should pray for less so we would not feel so badly about giving more?

Maybe we should pray for the faith of people who have less so we could do more!


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