Give Something Back!

If you have been blessed and fortunate enough to live in this country you should be thankful. The best way to show your thankfulness is to pass the blessing on to others who have not been so fortunate. I cannot fathom the selfishness of those who never give back. You and I are debtors to more than ourselves and our circle of family and friends. There are millions upon millions of children and adults starving, without clean water, without a bed that is sheltered by a roof or a loving friend. We lend to the Lord when we give to the poor. I don’t want to hear excuses of taxes, bills and obligations you and I may have. Not when we pay for cable, drink expense drinks, take outlandish vacations, drive cars and have a job. Every person who has been blessed owes to the Lord to bless the poor. Some portion of our finances should regularly be given to help others. There is nothing wrong with our blessings! Enjoy them and have fun! But do something really important and share in others sufferings. None of us can do everything for the poor but all of us can do something!


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