Control Your Thinking

If we talk about something others are not suppose to view or participate in, we create appetites for them to view it or participate.

If people who torture and kill people and send videos and you show them you participate in their strategy. They send those to cause the public to fear them. The authorities need the information so they can take the proper action. I don’t need to see what they are doing!

If the government or media who is the governments puppets start broadcasting warnings and things to get our attention and in a few days it goes away you have to wonder what they did not want you to see or hear.

As Christians we should focus on the things we should do. Focus on the right things and the wrong things will take care of themselves. Quit focusing on what evil is doing and focus on what God is doing! Focus on that which gives you courage and you will find the courage to deal with evil when you face it. Quit allowing the media, events and politicians to captivate your mind. Back away and ask questions that free you from their focus. God gave us a mind to use. Let your mind and heart be filled with truth and good things and you will create those things!


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