Quitting Is Not An Option!

“You see, into my ministry I brought the survival spirit. You do or die. You do whatever is necessary to win. It doesn’t make any difference what it is.” Charles Stanley

I read a CNN report on Charles Stanley and his struggles as a leader, husband, parent and follower of Christ. I have always admired him and even more today. He is a surviver and exemplifies that even when you fail, even when you are misunderstood, even when you are wrong, and even when everything is against you you can succeed if you just will not quit! Don’t quit moving forward! Don’t quit forgiving! Don’t quit loving! Don’t quit on yourself when everyone around you has! Don’t quit when you have fallen from the lofty perches of men and others use you as examples and cliches of failure! When you don’t know if God is done with you or not, don’t quit! Never give up, no never even think about giving up until you have no more breath, no more strength to move forward! You can take it! The movie “Unbroken” had a quote, “If you can take it-you can make it! Well we can take it and we will make it!

Tomorrow starts another year for me! I have no idea where it will take me but one thing I do know, I am not quitting!


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