High Horse

High Horse

high horse – an attitude of arrogant superiority.

One would have to get off their own “High Horse” to realize the rest of us are walking. Americans came here to be free of those who lived above other people. We don’t see ourselves arrogantly and pridefully as superior to others! But we do see those who maim, murder, burn, abuse and tolerate such as less. Too many people want America to leave our lofty ideas, our great dreams, our freedoms, our values and to lower ourselves to cowardice and silence. America is about lifting everyone up. It is about all of us having the same opportunities to reach for the grandest goals and live the best life possible. We are about defending the rights of those who have lost rights and lost dreams. While those in this world will die so others will die. We, in contrast, are a people who will give our lives so others can live. When our leaders point us to coming down from our dreams then they should be replaced with men who give us new mountains to climb and new galaxies to explore. Give us leaders who make us stretch for high places not cowards who shame us with their arrogant and superior attitude and lower standards!


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