Timing and Truth

Be very careful about your words and actions. Sometimes fighting for what is right is very wrong. There are times that silence is better than your words. If you speak then speak at the right time with the right words for the right reason to the right people. Don’t be lured into debates that don’t matter and never really do anything but create divisiveness. There is nothing worse than later realizing you sided up to the wrong cause or people.

But silence is deadly if you know there is error and deception and you know the truth. There is a time to be silent and a time to walk away. But men of honor will stand up for the truth and lose everything else for it to be told. If you have to be silent then do so! If you have to walk away only do so after you have clearly stated the truth. Never be intimated by the politicians or the pontiffs! Realize that good people will believe the lies and fight for things that are not true because they do not know. Be gentle and never try to destroy others because they are uninformed. But speak the truth and be a man that others can trust.