Even Missionaries give to missions and raise up Missionaries!

Dear Friends,


“Do we give more or less?  Who do we cut from our missionaries?” Don asked our congregation on Sunday at the Dream Center.  It was our 10th Anniversary for the church, and we always have a missions convention.  But giving has been down, and not everyone had completed their missions pledge for the year.


Don & Terri dressed for Faith Promise Sunday at the Dream Center

 We had our missionaries who we support displayed across the platform on roll down banners, showing their countries and families.  Our church supports our youngest daughter, Liz, and her family.  Don said, “If we have to cut someone, we will cut my family.  But who can we cut?  These are all our friends.”




“Who can we cut? These are all our friends.”


Very true.  More than 90% of our General Appointed Salvadoran Missionaries started out in Castle.  They were in Master’s Commission.  The third year Master’s Commission students do a missions internship in another country.  And from there, many are called to be missionaries in full time ministry after leaving our program.  Many were pastors at the Dream Center church as well.



About 10 or more missionaries attended our service on Sunday, lined up front.  Liz and Justin sent a video greeting from Thailand.  



Heroes of the Faith: Some of our Salvadoran Missionaries…


Don preached about Faith Promise from Hebrews 11.


“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”  Don began to list the heroes of the faith mentioned in Hebrews 11.   And how by faith God called us to El Salvador to start King’s Castle Ministries.  Believing in something not yet seen…but believing in the promise that He had given us.  Then he began to list the “heroes of the faith” from El Salvador—our missionaries.  Our missionaries who are working or will be working in India, Thailand, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Albania, Italy, Romania, Niger, Tonga, Belize, Venezuela, Peru, Nicaragua, and the list goes on—all started originally working with us in King’s Castle.


And then Don challenged us all:  “We won’t do less; we will do more!”


The groups began marching in, dropping their Faith Promise envelopes into our Missions Treasure Chest, starting with the Nursery Department.  Then the little children, then the elementary age children, the adolescents, the youth, and then the adults from all our zones and annexes.  I had to chuckle because our visiting missionary from India was worried when she saw her little boy put in an envelope. She wanted to see what he pledged and how many zeroes he wrote “because he knows his numbers…”  



Praying over the Faith Promise Pledges—Missions Treasure Chest


The goal was $25,000 in Faith Promises.  


Remember, our congregation are people who are the poorest of the poor.  In El Salvador, minimum wage is about $240 a month—if they have a job.  I know one lady in our church who gets minimum wage, and she still gives 20% of her wage each month—10% tithe and 10% missions pledge.  I’m not sure how she does it.  



A child putting in her Faith Promise Pledge!


Today, I’m thrilled to report that $29,280 has come in so far for Faith Promises, and not all the pledges are in yet!  


“We won’t do less; we will do more!”


Your Missionaries,






Don & Terri Triplett

Missionaries to the Children of El Salvador


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