Leaders lead, Shepherds Guard and servants Serve

Leaders lead, Shepherds Guard and servants Serve.

I am a wary sort of fellow when it comes to leaders, Shepherd’s and servants. I can most times just leave well enough along until I feel like I am being pushed, bullied or manipulated. I have never felt it necessary to go down the road very long with folks when I thought they were either using me or bulling me. I committed my life to follow The Lord and His servants but when I feel that the two are not going down the same road I have always and will always follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit, the Word of the Lord and the Ways of The Lord. I will listen and watch quietly and even leave quietly but I will be forceful if gone after. I am not a sheep, a child or a slave, I am a man of God. I will follow like a sheep, obey like a child and serve like a servant when I see Christ in those I serve. But I am a man who has chosen to think and to decided to follow God with my mind as well as my heart. When folks use scripture to manipulate you, your friends to scorn you and isolation to punish you move forward with a sincere heart. I have learned to ignore those things and focus on who I am following. Is it painful? Yes! But much better than finding out you have wasted your faithfulness, followership and fellowship on the wrong things in your life.