Mark 16:15 – “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”

Everything we do should have a purpose, especially in the Lord’s work. Faith Promise Missions have a definite purpose in the life of a church. What is that purpose?

First, Faith Promise Missions acquaints the church with her mission responsibilities. Souls hang in the balance! Every local church is responsible for world evangelism and should be a center for it. Mark 16:16 (above) tells us of our responsibility. We will someday give an account to God as to whether or not we discharged our responsibility, individually and as a church. What will your answer be?

Secondly, Faith Promise Missions acquaints the church with missionaries. Christians need to see and hear these soldiers of the cross! They need to hear their testimonies. They need to hear about their joys, blessings, sorrows and heartaches. Missions work is a joint ministry. The church needs the missionaries and the missionaries need the local church. The church needs to hear how the battle goes on the front lines. We need to know that missionaries are real people. They are dads and moms and children. The church needs to hear them, see them, love them, pray for them and support them.

Thirdly, Faith Promise Missions acquaints God’s people with God’s plan of finance for world evangelism. God gave us the command to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. He knows that it will take funds to do that. He has devised a plan to raise those funds without weakening the local church. His plan works!

We live on planet Earth. There are about 6 billion people here with us. Most of them know nothing about Jesus Christ, the Bible, God, or how to be saved. The question is, ‘Do we, as Christians, have any responsibility of making known to other earth dwellers anything about our beliefs? If we don’t, let’s forget it! What we believe isn’t really important. It is just for our own satisfaction. But, if we do, then we must know what that responsibility is and what we are to do about it.

We can do three things: ignore it, explain it away, or believe it. Many say that they believe it, but put forth a feeble effort. They only get involved enough to say, ‘We give to missionaries, we believe in missions.’ We ought to believe it with an emphasis that causes us to do as God has instructed us. We ought to believe the Biblical truths about missions as strongly as we believe all other Bible truths.

World evangelism is making the Gospel of Jesus Christ available to all of the citizens of the world However, to a great degree, many Christians are not doing that. We are not involved in World Evangelism as we ought to be. Far too many Christians are indifferent. They just don’t care. Faith Promise Missions is a plan designed by God that rests upon His ability to supply the financial need of His program of world evangelism through His people. The Faith Promise Missions offering is an offering promised to God by Christians (not the tithe; not a pledge to the church) who understand their Biblical responsibility to world evangelism and who give it through their local church. 

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