Moving Forward Living and Loving Life!

Moving forward living and loving life!

If you are living in the past it will destroy your future. If you are living in the future it will dilute you present. If you live in the present without valuing your past and without vision for your future you will be detoured from the real success and significance of life.

Living in the past is about as unhealthy as it is to stay in bed and think your rest is making you strong. Yes you are getting rest but you are missing out on the elements of life needed to be whole. The past is a great weight that should never be carried today. Each and every day we make decisions that are wrong or walk through doors that should have been avoided. Each day brings sorrow, hurt, disappointment, sadness, defeat, pain, breakups, and failure. But what about the good things we have experienced? Most of us cannot remember those events for bearing the load of the other stuff. Human nature will leave behind the good stuff to try to fix the broken. The good stuff makes us want to look forward the bad stuff makes us want to go back to change or fix it. No one wants to hire, marry, collaborate, partner or run with someone carrying all that baggage. You cannot go as fast, think as clear, move as much or achieve anything carting around the junk yard you are hoarding. No one will feel compassion for your bad luck and if they feel anything it is sympathy for your fate. No one partners with someone’s yesterday’s. until you cut loose from your past your success is doomed.

Then there are those who can do nothing today because it could disrupt their future. If you are living in the future it will dilute you present. Daydreamers are not the same as visionaries. Your future plans are wonderful if they are seen as a goal that has a path. Your path is your present. If your present is stymied by all the lofty dreams of your future then you will never have or feel the impact of the right now. The relationships you build are the ones you have in front of you right now. The experience you bring to the future is the things you are doing and doing well right now. The partnerships of your future are hinged on the collaborations you are living with right now. The success of your future will be determined by the failures you fix right now. The impact of your future is determined by the impact you are making on others right now. Today is a day to plant the seeds for a harvest tomorrow. It may be that young man you open a door for today is the same CEO who opens a door for you tomorrow. It may be the child that you help is the same man that helps you tomorrow. It could be the children you nurture in your home today are the same ones who will not fail to visit an aging parent tomorrow. It could be the woman you cherish as your wife today is the same lady by your bed as you pass from here to your reward. Your success and significance will be determined by how you mine and work through your today’s.

Last but certainly not least is your future. If you live in the present without valuing your past or without vision for your future you will be detoured from the real success and significance of life.

Learn from your past so that the same errors are not repeated. The best teacher in life is experience. There are two ways to get experience. One, live and move though it. Second, listen to others and learn from the failures and success of others. Truthfully not many people are smart enough to do the latter. Let your past be your teacher but not your guide. Never let him be your leader. Let your vision be your leader and guide. Have goal marks to reach toward . Who cares if you reach all of them. If you do then you dreams were too low. Your goals in life make you stronger, bigger and better. the lack of goals will make you weaker, smaller and less than your potential. Your goals will keep you going on the right paths and choosing the right strategies. Too many people allow the paths and strategies to determine their future. Your goals will make you choose the right paths or create new paths. When I hear people say, “We are building the bridges as we go or making the paths as they come!” I see folks who are either too stupid to know that goals determine bridge building and strategies or they know where they are going and don’t want you to know until it is too late to change course. Never drink the koolaide of people who will not release to you the true ingredients in the glass. To vote for a legislative bill without reading the bill and being asked to trust those who wrote is suicide. You and I must always know where we are going and why we are going there. Let your values determine your goals and let your goals always determine your paths or strategies.

The success and significance of your life is in your hands. Never ever allow people, systems, organizations, parents, children, friends or enemies to think for you. You and you alone are responsible for where you end up at the end of your journey. Live life and love the life you live!20130609-102915.jpg


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