Who is serving who?

Who is serving who?

“In the absence of criticism every organization ends up being managed for the benefit if the person running it.” John Garner

This is a powerful and true quote. It is frightening how many times I have seen this happen in churches, ministries and organizations. No minister starts out to control but with time, power, positions and money comes a feeling of ownership. Men begin to feel that they were raised up and given the right to control and dominate that which God placed them over. The ministry belongs to God and then to His people. He chooses among His people to serve His people. Never does He choose men to become a Lord to His people. When the organization or church begins to center around the leader and his desires danger is lurking. When council is rejected from peers because the leader knows best, danger is lurking. When people are asked to agree with leadership when no communication is given, danger is lurking. When the leader is over compensated while others who serve are underpaid something is strange. When sacrifices are forced at the bottom and benefits received at the top there is a problem.

Some say that they do not believe in the Church being a democracy it has to be a theocracy! I agree in part but also declare neither is the church to have a monarchy. God does not give us emperors to think for us. God exists in His church by His Spirit. From the lead man to the humblest follower His spirit exist in all. We are to follow and honor leadership but leadership is also to yield to amd respect others.

But the biggest problem comes when everyone is silent when things are moving the wrong way. If leadership is arrogant and self-serving someone has got to speak up. The Apostle Paul was vocal to Simon Peter when error was being practiced in the church. Galatians 2:11 Paul withstood him to the face. This did not make him an enemy, a rebel, or one who disliked others. Paul and Barnabas parted ways because they disagreed but still loved and respected the other. I think Paul was in error and later realized it.

The Church is made stronger by vocal voices and weaker by silence. No one should be disagreeable to be heard and to promote themselves. Neither should there be a desire to embarrass those in leadership. But we embarrass ourselves if something is awry and we are silent. We allow the enemy to destroy the work of God when we move in a direction that does not feel good to the Spirit.

“In the absence of criticism every organization ends up being managed for the benefit if the person running it.” John Garner



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