Who wants him?

Who wants him?

“Here is my fifteen month-old son. Who wants him? I’ll give all my money to whoever gives him a home”, cried the young Christian mother as the multitude gathered for her martyrdom. Her husband had died earlier.

A father of 6 children took the child, together with the bag of money. In the bag he found a letter the mother had written that eventful morning. Here is part of that letter:

“My son, hear the instruction of your mother… Behold, I go today the way of the prophets, apostles and martyrs, and drink of the cup of which they all have drank.

Take heed, them, my son, the way of the Lord does not have any side roads. This road is found by few and trodden by even less. In truth, there are many that know this is the road to life eternal. But the road is too hard.

Because of this, my son, do not regard the multitude of sinners. Don’t walk in their ways, because they go to hell as sheep go to their slaughter. When you hear of a little flock- poor, simple, and rejected by the world- unite yourself with them. Because Christ is where the cross is. Don’t separate yourself from that place.

Oh, my son, that your life would be conformed to the Gospel! That the God of peace would sanctify your soul and body to His glory! Amen.

Oh, holy Father, sanctify the son of Thy servant. Keep him from evil for Thy name’s sake, oh, Lord!”

A few hours after writing this, Anneken was drowned for her faith in Jesus Christ. January 24, 1536. (Lamp and Light Publishers) 

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