Ways to Make the Pastors Children Feel Special

Ways to make the Pastors children feel loved!

1. Before they arrive at your new church prepare a video. On the video film all the children near their age giving a greeting to them.

2. Find out what they love and make it your project to bless them with those things in small measure.

3. Make their parents sound like hero’s in your praise of them to them.

4. Be authentic in your faith and love. They can smell a fake a mile away.

5. Be sure the children are recognized with the parents at special days.

6. Take them to your home, shopping or to a fun spot to let them have opportunity not to be in the PK mold.

7. Offer to take them with you and your family for some after church meals.

8. Bring a gift card and treat them to a nice ice cream or snack on you.

9. Don’t expect them to be special or sacred but children who are searching for their own journeys.

10. Live a holy and righteous life in front of them and admit when you fail. The PK many times feels the church is full of hypocrites. To find one person who is not, may save them from a jaded and backslide life


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