Suggestions To Pastors From Missionaries

Suggestions to pastors and missionary support.

Please return the phone call from the missionary.

It is okay to say you cannot put them in your budget.

Have the missionary for a window in your service.

Interview the missionary in front of your audience. This way you can control the time and information your church receives.

Don’t shift responsibility to the board for missionary support. If your church is board driven know those limitations and you be the decision maker to the missionary.

Let the missionary address a small group or a Sunday School class.

Give him a off night and announce for those who would like to attend of the opportunity.

If the budget will not allow for monthly support then consider giving the congregation opportunity to give a one time offering.

Remember you are the doorway to missions in your church. If your heart is open then God will open the hearts of your people.

Consider bringing Greene & Raley in to help you move your missions forward and enlarge the missions awareness of your church.


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