Suggestions to Missionaries to Pastors

Suggestions from pastors to missionaries

1. Sometimes we cannot schedule you to speak.

2. If we don’t get to the phone we are not avoiding you. We really are busy, real busy.

3. Scolding or chiding us because we were difficult to connect with will not make us very receptive to helping you.

4. If we cannot schedule you to speak are there other options?

5. When you speak please plan to tell us about your call, your country and the need. We really do not want you to preach just tell stories that connect.

6. The longer you talk after 20 minutes the less our people will give.

7. Don’t forget to say thank you to the children for BGMC, youth for STL and men for LFTL.

8. Spend some time with our children and learn their names. They need ministry hero’s. Those stories you tell as you share a meal are never forgotten.

9. Don’t speak negatively about other missionaries, programs, pastors or leaders. You will only hurt yourself.

10. Be filled with enthusiasm about the work of the Kingdom. People who are challenged by an exciting message are liberal in their giving.


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