Reasons Why Pastors Fail

Reasons a pastor may fail at his assignment

1. Not realizing that God called him there and not the congregation.

2. Seeing the church as his source for all decisions and vision.

3. Trying to move people too quickly when they have decades of failed leadership that has left them cleaning up. Add things to the church and let them remove those things that no longer fit.

4. Failing to communicate clearly and often where he is taking the church.

5. Not recruiting leaders and pouring into them his vision.

6. Failing to train those who serve the Church.

7. Allowing the board to be dominant in leadership. Nothing wrong with strong leadership as long as they are strong enough to lead through serving.

8. Not controlling his time.

9. Sloppy execution of the duties and services of the church.

10. Not connecting in communication skills, congregation life and community activities.

11. Thinking everything has to have your hands on it.

12. Forgetting about your family because of your church.

13. Using the pulpit for anything other than preaching the Word for redemption.

14. Isolating yourself from people.

15. Preaching too long or preparing poorly for the sermon.

16. Staying gone from the church too long or too many times in a year. (This is why I am a traveling speaker.)

17. Making decisions about finances that should be made with other input and approvals.

18. Not using the tragedies and challenges of a community and congregation to build faith and community.

19. Thinking he is the pastor of a group of people who isolate and insulate themselves from the community they reside. We pastor communities.

20. Failing to build and grow their relationship with their spouse. When the spouse is not happy no one is happy! Your spouse has got to feel a part of you and together your both love a church.


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