Make it Easy For You Pastor to Leave

How to make it easy for your pastor to be open to another call from another church.

It all relationships and especially that of church and pastor separation can come unexpectedly. Not that the signs were not there but it just went unnoticed or worse there was no concern. To keep a good pastor congregations need to work hard to be sure they and their family are loved and appreciated. The scripture teaches that they are worthy of double-honor. The reason is they take twice the hits and hurts of others. They not only carry their burdens they carry ours.

It is easy for pastors to entertain call from other churches when these things are present.

1. The feeling or actual acts of an unappreciative congregation for their pastors service.

2. The lack of response when they call for help and leaders to come forward out of the pews.

3. Forgetting the special days of he and his family.

4. Failing to love his family as he loves yours.

5. Failing to consider him for raises and bonuses when those times come. In some cases never even having a plan to compensate them properly.

6. Criticizing and critiquing their work and actions among the church.

7. Letting them overwork and not demanding they take days off, vacations and sabbaticals after a few years if service.

8. Not supporting the church with your tithes and offerings.

9. Thinking that your church is special and that ministers will be lined up for opportunities to serve your Church. (Man, are you in for a shock!)

10. Refusing to grow and change with them so that the church can evolve and fit the culture the church ministers in.

The churches best investment is not a new building or a brand new van. The best investment of any church is their pastor! Invest heavily, wisely, considerately and lovingly to the pastor and together you can reach your community and change lives for eternity!


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