If I was a young Pastor looking

If I was a young minister looking for a pastorate I would do these things.

1. Pray for a clear call to be a pastor. If a clear call was not there I would not force it.

2. Listen close to my spouse about their feelings and concerns. You will be impacting your whole family with this decision.

3. I would begin to express my feelings to those who love and are concerned for me for prayer.

4. I would start expressing my calling to pastors, leaders, sectional, district and national leaders. I would ask for their advise and help.

5. I would be sure my credentials were not in jeopardy and that I was in good standing with my credential parties.

6. I would not be too concerned with charting the course as to what type of work. If I am called I am open to any call.

7. I would pay my bills off so that I could make a decision that is not based on my finances

8. I would not be afraid to take a church that has no money. Let them pay you on percentage of the offerings if need be.

9. I would pray every day for the Holy Spirit to give me eyes and ears to hear of His opportunities for my life.

10. I would find an elderly minister to mentor me. These men have forgot more than you will ever know.

11. I would reluctantly do a resume. I would not try to wow people with how incredible I was in it. I would state in simple terms my call, commitment and credentials.

12. I would be sure I was supporting my church and district so they could give me a good reference.

13. I would not just let a church interview me. I would interview them to drill down to where the church was in terms of health, expectations and mission.

14. I would be afraid! I would be so afraid that I would pray myself full of faith, full of the Holy Spirit and empty of myself.

15. I would expect God to open the right door and to close those doors that were not His will for my life.


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