Helping the Missionary

Best ways to assist missionaries in funding their support to get to the field.

Our prayers are being answered as hundreds of young men and women are answering the call to missions. The scriptures says in Matthew 9: 37 *Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; [38] therefore *pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to *send out laborers into his harvest.” We are seeing the fruit of our prayers. Now we must go further than prayer! We must fund and release those God has sent to us to send. The harvest waits for the workers and the workers are waiting on the ability to go.

The Ten best ways to fund our missionaries to get them to the field!

1. Pray specifically for those missionaries in your state or district.

Pray for their safety in travel. Pray for their preparation for the chosen field. Pray for their families. Pray for their children. Pray for favor with people of means. Pray for favor in the country they will work in. Pray for miracles in their work.

2. Post their names and pictures somewhere in the church as unfunded missionaries so the church can pray for them. A spot on a wall, a place in the church bulletin or on the video announcements.

3. Give recognition of their call and financial challenges publicly when praying for the other needs of the church.

4. Use your influence to open a door for them to present their vision to a friends church.

5. At sectional or district meetings have the missionary to accompany you and when you greet your friends introduce them to your friends.

6. Consider dropping a budget item in your church that you could do without and give that amount to the missions budget for the missionary support.

7. Have one fund raiser, one special offering designated as a Senders Fund to get the missionary some help for funding. (AGWM has a senders fund designated to help funding for missionaries who need a Little extra help.)

8. Do one less missions project and designate it for the boots on the ground rather than the special project.

9. Send the missionary a monthly card, text or email letting them know you are standing with them in prayer.

10. Don’t judge their difficulty in raising their support as an indication that God may not have called them. It could be that the enemy is fighting because they will shake the powers of darkness once they get in the harvest God has called them to work. Believe in them- believe with them- believe for them!


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