Generation Gaps

In the world there are “Generation gaps” in every new generation. But those gaps are closed when it comes to family and Christ. Nothing becomes more important than the connection between earthly family and heavenly family. That connection transcends culture, community and cosmetics. The connection with family spans years and connects by blood. The Connection with the Heavenly Family orbits above everything and is connected by the Blood of Christ! If there is a generation gap in the Church it is because focus has been lost to our divine connection which is the cross! The lack of community between the elders and the youth is lost at the cross. If it is not lost then someone is looking in the wrong direction. As an elder of this Church I am not willing for others to wheel me into a retirement home! I have way too much too give and live. Neither am I willing to not embrace the young among us! I love their energy, excitement and creativity! I remember a good line that works with my thoughts from the Reagan-Mondale debate.

The President used his humor most effectively when Mondale brought up the issue of Reagan’s age. Once the President remarked, “I’m afraid the age factor may play a part in this election.” After a trademark pause, he added, “Our opponent’s ideas are too old.” In addition, during the second presidential debate, Reagan was able to gain points with his wit. He teased Mondale by joking, “I will not make age an issue in this campaign. I’m not going to exploit for political purposes my opponents youth and inexperience.”

I sure hope in our Fellowship we never allow political purposes ever to divide the family!


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