Commitment to the Right Things

I am glad to be a Christian. The group that is called Christian is not so much a “in group” as they are a “called out Group.” We are called out of the world and into Christ. This group is made up of all denominations, cultures and countries. The thing that unites them is their faith in the shed blood of Christ. This group is committed to the teachings of Christ. So much so that when some of Its members commit they commit to follow Him and His teaching even to suffering and death.

I get concerned when groups of people confuse the commitment to being a Christian with Patriotism to a country or devotion to a denomination. I am a very patriotic and very proud of my country. As far as Denominations, I am devoted member of one. But whether country or denomination I lose my allegiance when either violates my faith in Christ. Our hope is in Christ alone! I will adhere to my countries constitution and honor it’s flag. I will be true to my denomination or fellowships constitution and serve it with enthusiasm. But I will serve Christ by being true to His Church and His teachings.


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