Board Duties During Pastoral Transition

How does a board handle the transition of a pastor?

1. Start as soon as the present pastor has announced their retirement or move.

2. The exit strategy should include clear and open communication between the pastor and board and the board and congregation.

3. Realize that as a board you become the covering for the church. It is now your responsibility to protect and provide for the church.

4. Work on the dates of departure with the pastor.

5. Consider the severance package and be generous. This should include any unused vacation and sick time accrued.

6. Plan a special day and a good send off. This is important to show respect for the pastor and his family. But also to express that all is well between leadership and pastor.

7. Agree as to what the pastor can take as far as tapes, manuscripts or other intellectual items that could be an issue.

8. Contact the district leadership for prayer and consultation. These men can guide you at this time.

9. Respond appropriately and respectfully to resumes sent from other possible pastors.

10. I would consider looking for a candidate who was doing a good job where he was.

11. If you visit a church to view a pastor you should give the pastor a courtesy call of your visit. You should not talk about your visit in the church city. Just because you visited does not mean the pastor would be interested. If you leak your reason for visiting and it gets out in that community you cause the pastor and congregation difficulty.


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