Be a Man

It’s funny how things that bothered me no longer concern me today! It’s frightening how many things that scared me in another day are so small today!

When everything around you is mixed up, mused up or messed up don’t get caught up with it. Always have your ground zero to get your head straight. Never ever does two wrongs make a right. Know your limitations and live within them. Know who you are and live up to it. Know what is right and reach for it. Things change and when they do it may be for he best. But if the change does not fit you then don’t change to fit it. Live large and free, be happy and don’t be afraid to go it alone in life. If you make a mistake in living like a man, well at least you were man enough to make a mistake. Never be ashamed of the man in the morning mirror. He and your Maker are the only ones who really matter when it comes to how you live your life.


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