Mothers Day

Thinking about those ladies who find Mothers Day a Difficult day. It is a day of celebration for so many ladies who have devoted themselves to their families. They are deserving of those honors and compliments. It is their day!

But there are those among us who struggle with this day. They don’t want it taken away from the calendar but they hope it is a short day. It is a hard day in their calendar.

There are those moms who have lost moms. This day is a struggle to know she is gone.

There are moms who have moms who were not good moms. How are you supposed to feel when she was not the best?

There are the moms who have lost children. These moms struggle to embrace the loss and loneliness.

There are moms who did their best and their children turned out wrong. Her days are spend wondering what she could have done.

There are the ladies who were not allowed to have children and never adopted. She struggles over that part being hollow in her life.

There are the moms who failed at life in the early days and her children paid the price for her failure. She struggles how to move forward with the burden of that failure. The best thing one can do is be the best today and let the past go.

There is the mom who had her children too early. She made a baby before she made a home. She struggles with the guilt. Give it up to God and let it go.

Life is hard on us all in many ways. None of us should ever be critical of the shortcomings or failures of others. We should celebrate Mothers and make it the best days of their lives. But we should also be aware of the lady who bears a burden life has handed her. Make it a good day for all the ladies in your reach!


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